Film Show in Vilnius, Lithuania

vilnius 8mm

Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius  were invited to the “3rd 8 mm Film Festival” in Vilnius.

They were invited to present a program with their films, wich was shown on the afternoon of october 3rd, at the “Antanas Venclova Memorial Room”.

lituania 04

lituania 03

The festival was coorganized by the Super 8 Klubas “Picnic in a Hand”, whose members also organized the Workshop on developing film material that had brought Gustavo to Lithuania in August.  Jaap Pieters, super 8 filmmaker and photographer was also a guest from the Festival, bringing the joy of his films and presence.

lituania 01lituania 02

Gustavo and Melissas presented films on super 8 and 16mm, and slide projections. A highlight was the premiere of “Puppenhaus”, their first film  shot in Berlin around January 2007.  Puppenhaus is a 16mm triple projection, consisting on 3 projectors that  screen simultaneously: 1) the sky crossed by airplanes; 2) Sybille, and 3) Myrna,  female neighbours that interact by their windows and through their walls.

The program was composed by

Puppenhaus (16mm, triple screen installation, color, 30sec)

preview of the unreleased Don´t Look Back (16mm, fiction, color, sound, 7min) with sketched soundtrack

We Can Go Now (super 8mm, fiction, color, 2min)

Travessia + Postcards (16mm, mini-fiction-series, color, aprox. 15min)

Kill Kill Kill (16mm, animation, color, 3 min)

Abril (super 8mm, fiction, B&W, sound, 17min)

footage of Bonaparte´s concert at Admiralspalast (16mm, color, 3min)

Egyboy (super 8mm, film portrait, B&W/color, 1 min)

Train Trip (super 8mm, film portrait, B&W, sound, 3 min)

and also the double slide projection performance Towers Open Fire.

After the show, Melissa & Gustavo and Jaap were invited by Audrius Mickevicius (also a guest of the festival who held a lecture on the theme  “Unconsciousness”) to show films to his students of the Academy of Fine Arts (DAILES AKADEMIJA). This second screening took place on tuesday 6th,  the films Kill Kill Kill, Train Trip, and the still unfinished Don´t Look Back were projected by the couple.




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