The Moscow drive: Cat Effekt

On January 13th Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn arrived in Moscow to work on their film project “Cat Effekt”.

The first two weeks were spent on research, psicogeography  and on building a network involving artists and cultural workers from Moscow, Berlin, Brazil and beyond. In these encounters they found information, inspiration and co-thinkers. The “Cat Effekt” project, which proposed to build this network and to set in motion the production of a film in Moscow was supported by the European Cultural Foundation through their mobility grant StepBeyond.

During the first phase, the filmmakers were writing day by day the script of Cat Effekt. The shooting took place mainly in the streets of Moscow between January 28th and February 13th. Over 20 comrades were directly involved in the making of the film. The filmmakers would like to express their gratitude to all the crew, supporters and friends. Some of them are listed below.

Vilius Machiulskis (cinematographer, producer), Tatyana Derbeniova (actress), Andrei Kostianov (technical adviser, producer, actor), Tatyana Rudnikh (producer), Iana Stefanova (production assistant, interpreter and translator), Andrei Kochelov (camera assistant); Daria Gordeeva (actress). Also: Dmitri Trofimov, Yulia Gushina, Gary Gorelov, Jules Kowalski, Elizabeth X, Nikita Sutyrin, David Zapirov, Piotr Ryapolov, George Dreiling and Bahat Kartandaev.

Back in Berlin, the material shot in Moscow, 2 hours of 16mm negative film, was hand processed by the filmmakers in the LaborBerlin. "Cat Effekt" is being edited and will be released untill the end of 2010.


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