Distruktur в Москве: Cine Fantom

In Moscow, Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius were invited by Lenka Kabankova and Andrey Silvestrov from the Cine Fantom club to show a selection of their films.

The screening took place on February 10th at the Cinema Pioner.


The films TRIANGULUM, ÉTERNAUABRIL were shown, and DON’T LOOK BACK had its premiere on this evening. The russian film “БЫТЬ СВОБОДНЫМ” (TO BE FREE) from the director Timofey Ikhov was also having its premiere. After the screenings, the discussion about the films was intense, what was described as usual by the regulars.  The host and moderator was Andrey Silvestrov, programing director of the club.

Cine Fantom asked the Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn for a statement on themselves, their films and their experience in Moscow. The text was translated into russian and published on the Cine Fantom weekly newspaper. We reproduce it below:

” We planned this one month film adventure in Moscow following some concrete signs and our intuition. We had met our cinematographer Vilius Machiulskis last year in Lithuania and wanted very much to work with him. Vilius is finishing his studies at VGIK and is like us very interested in analogue cinematography, 16mm in our case.
We felt that a very interesting atmosphere takes place in Moscow, and therefore the art production, way of thinking and living should also be interesting, challenging. And we didn’t know much about it.
It happened before that some place attracted us to go there and experience it with our own perception. So we decided to come to Moscow and shoot a film called “Cat Effekt”. This title also relates to this first encounter with Machiulskis. In this occasion we were in a film workshop about hand processing. We brought from Berlin one short scene that specially impressed the workshop participants. This scene shows a cat walking in a street. What is special about it is that everything that shoud be black in the image, the shadows and so on, is gold, burning gold. The effect happened during the processing of the footage, the chemicals reacted in an strange way, transforming black into gold. We started talking about this effect, and tried to repeat it in our laboratory experiences. Moscow was also a subject in our minds, and we put the pieces together, the Cat Effekt film in Moscow.
This episode tells a lot about the way we’ve been working in the last years and how we are developing our methods and cinema language. We look for signs, we follow them, a situation is created, a film happens. The cat scene was the last image we shot for our previous film Triangulum, which was done in Cairo. The image was processed in Berlin by Michel Balagué, Triangulum’s cinematographer. We coud not use it in the final editing because it was too different from all the film’s footage. So this image ended up attracting other people into another project, and it turned out to be the first image we had from this film we are doing in Moscow.

Once we decided to come to  Moscow we started building a network, and through friends of friends and some research on internet we got great contacts and met wonderful people already in our first days in the city.  Moscow is a huge and tough city where time passes faster than in any other place we’ve seen. There is no chance for hesitation. On the streets  people look confident and we also feel confident in our moves.

With “Cat Effekt” we give continuation to a kind of film making process wich we started 2 years ago with “Triangulum”, mentioned above. Maybe it began even before, with a film called “Fluxus et Refluxus, that we began while crossing the Atlantic ocean, sailing to Berlin. We keep shooting this film, dealing with this moving around, playing with identities, from ourselves and from others. It is even hard to separate them, in the sense that they follow a flow, and what changes is the cities, the people we meet, the groups that we form in each place, in one word, the situations.

During 2010, if we “survive” Moscow drive, we plan to propose and be involved in film situations in 2 others cities in Europe. And “Cat Effekt” will go on in Berlin: it will be hand processed by us in our collective film-lab LaborBerlin.”


Link to article on Cine Fantom in English

Link to the Distruktur program at Cine Fantom’s website (in russian)


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